Tools - Nonwoven adhesive stuffing 不織布

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one side adhesive stuffing 單面黏著
thick厚 >0.1mm
Width尺寸 : 100cmX200cm
紅色 JF-3 包包/繡花用
黃色 JF-2 用於包包/小袋/服裝/帽子/刺繡
藍色 JF-1 服裝/刺繡用

You can use this stuffing, which has iron-activated adhesive,
for bags or hat brims so they do not lose their shape. 

JF-3 For bag/embroidery
JF-2 For bag/pouch/Clothing/Hats/embroidery

JF-1 For Clothing/embroidery

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