Collection: Yarn dyed cotton 先染

先染布料是先將經線緯線先染好色,再利用特殊織法織成布料。 布料正面會有一些花紋或突起,而手感細緻柔軟,摸起來也很舒服。 顏色上也會比較樸實自然,任意搭配都相當耐看。
Dyed yarn cotton fabrics is suitable for home sewing, appliqué, quilting, clothing, bags, and home decor projects. Dyed yarn fabrics get their distinctive appearance and feel from how they are woven. The yarns (threads) are dyed first, and then the cloth is woven. Often a few different weights or textures of yarn (thread) are woven into the cloth to create a more textured fabric.

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