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Tools - Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio (White Black Pink)

Tools - Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio (White Black Pink)

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This special pencil uses ceramic leads for drawing on fabrics with a fine, clear line.  No particles left like tailors chalk or hard to remove marks.  Just remove marks with the Sewline Eraser or dab off with a damp cloth.  No sharpening and messy wood shaving, iust a click!  advances the fine 0.9pt leads. Easy to refill with up to leads. Pack includes one White, one Black and one Pink lead refills.

這種特殊的鉛筆使用陶瓷引線在布料上繪製,具有細膩,清晰的線條。 沒有像裁縫那樣的顆粒留下粉筆或難以去除痕跡。 只需用濕布擦拭即可。 套裝包括一支白色,一支黑色和一支粉紅色鉛芯。

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