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Tools - Black Cutter 黑界刀

Tools - Black Cutter 黑界刀

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NT Cutter - 高級G系列。
喜歡成為專業人士的進化模型。 由堅固的鋁壓鑄成,並塗有珍珠黑色的外殼,散發出別緻而深刻的感覺。 30°黑色刀片非常適合精密工作。
■一盒內容:界刀 + 一片刀片
Premium G series. An evolutionary model that professionals can enjoy. Stylish and tough, durable metallic pearl black holder. Durable and light aluminum die-cast grip. 30 degree tip black blade installed、perfect for precision work.
Auto-Lock(Ratchet-lock slider). Designed for both left and right handed use by turning the blade upside down.

Made in Japan 日本製
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