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Sewing -Thin Presser Foot 薄料壓腳 (家用衣車)

Sewing -Thin Presser Foot 薄料壓腳 (家用衣車)

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For domestice use. 家用衣車用
Made in Japan

  • 一種特殊的壓腳,可以精美地縫製薄物體。
  • 落針部分具有圍繞針的圓形形狀,可以防止縫製薄織物時織物粘連,
  • 並防止跳針和縫製不良。
  • A special presser that can sew thin fabric beautifully.
  • The needle drop part has a round shape that surrounds the needle, which suppresses the sticking of the fabric when sewing thin fabrics, and prevents skipping and sewing defects.
- 1 Unit is 1set. (1份是1組)
.縫紉靴  Sewing Machines foot 薄料壓腳


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