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Secura Heat Activated Button Thread 90m 鈕扣線

Secura Heat Activated Button Thread 90m 鈕扣線

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Coats & Clark this revolutionary thread is a game-changer for sewing on buttons. Sew on your button as usual then heat activate the thread to fuse to itself to create one strong button attachment. Spool contains 100 yards(90meter).

Type:  100% Polyester
Washing Instructions: Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low
鈕扣每天都從鈕扣孔中擰入和擰出,鈕扣固定在衣服上的線會變弱,伸展或變松。 高士熱激活鈕扣線提供了一種解決方案,可加強鈕扣附件。 縫製按鈕後,利用熨燙熱力將線束融為一個單一的超強單元。
100%滌綸 線軸包含100碼(90米)

Made in India
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