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Quilting Liberty - Corallium B

Quilting Liberty - Corallium B

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Size Information:
1unit = 50X114cm
2unit =100X114cm
3unit =150X114cm
4unit =200X114cm........

.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
Fabric Information:
Fabric Type: Lasenby Cotton
Composition: 100% Cotton
Roll Width (finished/usable): 1.14m/1.08m
Weight: 146 g/sqm, 167 g/lm
Care: Cool wash, do not tumble dry
.英國全棉布 Flower 花圖案 Flower Riviera
Corallium is an ethereal marine lace dappling shallow waters, formed from the structure and silhouette of willowy coral. The soft monochrome nature of the design makes it an ideal coordinate for quilting or craft projects.
Corallium 是一種飄逸的海洋花邊,點綴在淺水區,由柳珊瑚的結構和輪廓形成。 設計的柔和單色特性使其成為絎縫或工藝項目的理想搭配。

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