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Pfaff - admire™ 1000 Overlock Machine

Pfaff - admire™ 1000 Overlock Machine

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  • 完美均勻的接縫 - 針織物不會拉伸或變形,更精細的織物不會起皺。 此功能也可用於縮集。
  • 開箱即用,可輕鬆開始包縫縫紉。
  • 可調節線跡長度、切割寬度和壓腳壓力
  • 精確設置為各種織物類型、厚度和縫紉技術提供始終整齊的邊緣。
  • 簡單方便的內置線張力和顏色編碼的穿線路徑使其易於穿線。
  • LED 照明的最佳能見度。
  • 方便的內置剪線器可修剪線鏈。


  • Perfectly even seams - no stretching or distortion on knits or puckering of finer fabrics. This feature can also be used for gathering.
  • Already threaded right out of the box for an effortless start to overlock sewing.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length, Cutting Width and Presser Foot Pressure
  • Precision settings provide always-neat edges for a wide variety fabric types, thicknesses, and sewing techniques.
  • Simple and convenient lay-in thread tensions and color coded threading paths makes it easy to thread.
  • Optimal visibility with LED lighting.
  • Convenient built-in thread cutter to trim thread chain.

# Stitches - 16
Sewing Space (Needle to Tower) - 2.6" (67 mm)
Needle Threader - Manual
Thread Cutter - Manual
Max Sewing Speed - 1,200 stitches/min
Thread Tension - Manual
Included Accessories -14

  • Features

    • 2-Thread Converter
    • Waste Tray attachment
    • Movable Knife
    • Snap-on Presser Feet
    • Built-in Accessory Storage

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