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Organic double gauze - MARGO 有機二重紗

Organic double gauze - MARGO 有機二重紗

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Unit Information 每單位:
1unit = 50cm X width布幅
2unit =100cmX width布幅
3unit =150cmX width布幅....
Width布幅:106cm (41.5")
Composition 成份:
Cotton :  100% , Linen : 0%,
Weight : 140g/meter
伊藤尚美 Nani Iro fabric  有機二重紗 花水彩抽象

MARGO _ オーガニックWガーゼ
當花園裡的柑橘花盛開時,整個花園都充滿了醇厚、清澈的花香。 當果實準備成熟時,同一個地方的果實開始創造出一個連續的、發光的景觀,看起來像一個謊言,就像一個小太陽。 我們收集了春天、夏天、秋天和冬天出現的水果,以及它們周圍出現的神奇豐富的風景。 這件作品讓我想起了我們被寶藏包圍、相互連結的日子。

*Margot 在拉丁語中也表示“邊緣”,在法語中表示“珍珠”。 它也是一個名叫瑪格麗特的女孩的暱稱,在義大利語中也有「色彩魔術師」的意思。

Around the time when citrus flowers bloom in the garden, the whole place is filled with their mellow, yet clear, scent.
When the fruits start to grow, as if each of them is a small sun, they create a shining scenery one after another.

I collected those miraculous fulfilling sceneries that appear around fruits in each season.
This piece reminds us that our days are surrounded by treasures within connections.

*The word “margo” can be used as “connection” in Latin, and “pearl” in French.
It also is a nickname for girls named Margaret, and in Italian, it has a meaning of “a magician of colors”



【Organic cotton】
Organic cotton is made from cotton flowers grown in soil that’s been untouched by chemicals for over three years. As no agrichemicals and synthetic fertilizer are used during their farming, it shows care, not only for the environment, but also for cotton farmers’ health.

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