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Liberty of London (Cotton Poplin Fabric) - Spaceman

Liberty of London (Cotton Poplin Fabric) - Spaceman

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Quantity Size Information:
1unit = 50X146cm
2unit =100X146cm
3unit =150X146cm....
.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
Fabric Information:
Weight: Lightweight Cotton
Piccadilly Poplin, Made in Italy
width: 1.42m/1.46m (56")
Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight: 110 g/sqm, 161 g/lm
Care: Wash 40°C, line dry
.英國府綢布料 字母太空圖案

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Paying homage to typography to the Liberty archive, this design focuses on creating letters from an absence of detail – the letters are formed from the pattern of the lines connecting them. Stars and planets are scattered among the letters to add to the otherworldly celestial theme. Drawn in fine liner pen, this one-colour design creates a mesmerising texture.

為了向 Liberty 檔案館的排版致敬,該設計著重於從缺乏細節的情況下創建字母——這些字母是由連接它們的線條圖案形成的。 星星和行星散佈在字母之間,以增加超凡脫俗的天體主題。 這款單色設計採用細線筆繪製,營造出迷人的質感。

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