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Made in UK
Product specification
Product length 長: 20.5cm / 8.1in
Length of cut 刀刃長: 7.4cm / 2.9in
Product weight 重量 : 185g / 6.5oz

Leather Shears

Our traditional Leather Shears do exactly as they say on the tin. Handmade by craftsmen using traditional techniques passed down for centuries, our Leather Shears are tough and strong and able to cut through leather with ease.

 Great for tackling tougher fabrics due to the long handle shanks for extra leverage, and offset handle bows for comfortable use. One serrated blade helps grip leather providing a powerful and accurate cut.

 They will arrive packaged in our signature William Whiteley gift box and are also available with bespoke laser engraving creating a truly special and unique gift.

Suitable for cutting:

  • Full grain leather
  • Half grain leather
  • Nubuck
  • Suede


我們的傳統皮革剪的功能與罐頭上的說明完全一樣。 我們的皮革剪刀由工匠使用傳承了幾個世紀的傳統技術手工製作,堅韌而堅固,能夠輕鬆切割皮革。

  由於長手柄柄可提供額外的槓桿作用,並且偏置手柄弓可提供舒適的使用,因此非常適合處理較堅韌的織物。 一個鋸齒狀刀​​片有助於抓住皮革,提供強大而準確的切割效果。

  它們將包裝在我們標誌性的 William Whiteley 禮品盒中,並且還提供定制激光雕刻,創造出真正特別和獨特的禮物。
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