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Knock-type Chalk Fabric Pen 繪圖布料筆

Knock-type Chalk Fabric Pen 繪圖布料筆

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Chalk Fabric Pen Color 繪圖布料筆

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德國產 Made in Germany

繪圖布料筆Colour pen:
1支筆+1支筆芯 (1 Knock-type Chalk Fabric Pen + 1 core)
■筆芯尺寸core Size:4.0mm x90mm
補充芯 Refill core

■包含 5支替換 (5 replacement cores included)
■筆芯尺寸core Size:4.0mm x90mm
■ 清除方法: 用水清除 (How to erase: Removes with water.)
使用織品標記筆進行縫紉,適用於服裝、絎縫件和其他紡織項目。 這些織物筆比裁縫粉筆更乾淨、更精確,讓您可以做出平滑的標記來表示修改或裝飾位置。


Works well on garments, quilting pieces, and other textile projects with Knock-type Chalk Fabric Pen for sewing. Cleaner and more precise than tailor’s chalk, these fabric pens let you make smooth marks to denote alterations or embellishment placement.

A convenient knock-type chalk pen.
You can use it for a long time by leaving the main body as is and just replacing the core to match the color of the fabric.

To use it, just pull out the lead using the click mechanism like a mechanical pencil.
The way to replace the lead is the same as with mechanical pencils.
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