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Jackie Bear Soft Tailor Tape Measure 200cm 軟尺

Jackie Bear Soft Tailor Tape Measure 200cm 軟尺

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Product size (approx.): 53 x 53 x 18mm
 Materials: ABS resin (case)
 Glass fiber PVC coat (tape)

Made in Japan 日本製

  • Soft and thick measuring tape: comfortable,suitable for measuring rounded or flat surfaces, ideal for measuring odd-shaped and irregular pieces
  • User-friendly design:dual sided,accurately printed 0-200cm on one side ,you can get measurements according to your requirements
  • Easy to read and use:  tape has large and clear black markings on the top, easy and convenient to read and use,this tape is durable and resists tearing and stretching. It will not be out of shape after long-term use
  • Good sewing tool: can provide you accurate measurements, suitable for a seamstress, a crafter, a quilter or whoever just need a flexible measuring tape

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