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Gutermann Professional Jeans Thread 100m 牛仔車縫線

Gutermann Professional Jeans Thread 100m 牛仔車縫線

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Gutermann jeans thread Denim 100m
Easily and professionally create robust stitching and decorative seams and stylish effects with Gutemann’s jeans thread. Regardless of whether you use denim fabric or create something new from an old pair of jeans, this strong thread is easy to use and secure, with low thread tension. Thanks to its breaking strength, high resistance to scrubbing and colour fastness, it is ideal for basics or your own fashion highlights.
Needle size: NM 90 - 110 / 11-14

Gutermann 牛仔褲線 100米
使用Gutemann的牛仔褲線輕鬆,專業地創建穩固的針腳和裝飾接縫,並營造出時尚的效果。 無論使用牛仔布面料還是用舊牛仔褲製造新東西,這種堅固的線都易於使用和固定,線張力低。 憑藉其斷裂強度,高耐擦洗性和色牢度,它是基本款或您自己的時尚亮點的理想選擇。
推薦針頭尺寸:NM 90 - 110 / 11-14

Made in Grermany
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