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Gutermann Glowy 100m 夜光線

Gutermann Glowy 100m 夜光線

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You can achieve exciting effects with the Glowy effect thread from Gütermann. This embroidery thread stores sunlight and glows in the dark. Look forward to extraordinary results with this embroidery thread.

Type:  100% Polyester
- U
niversal machine embroidery thread for all embroidery motifs which glow in the dark
- The embroidery thread stores sunlight and UV light and glows in the dark- The duration of the light exposure determines the intensity of the luminosity
- Guaranteed for up to 50 wash cycles without reduction of the luminosity
- Recommended needle and needle size: machine embroidery needle NM 70 - 90
您可以使用Gütermann的Glowy效果線程獲得令人興奮的效果。 該繡花線存儲陽光並在黑暗中發光。 期待這款繡線帶來非凡的效果。
-推薦的針和針尺寸:NM 70-90

Made in Japan
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