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Made in UK
Product specification
Product length 長: 9.4cm / 3.7in
Length of cut 刀刃長: 3cm / 1.2in

EXO Silver Gift Set

The perfect gift set for tailors, home crafters, makers, sewers, dressmakers and more! Comprising of our signature silver EXOs, a complimentary matching EXO sheath, and a pair of small sharp embroidery scissors. All items are supplied together in a beautiful bespoke foam-lined box as pictured.

EXO Silver

The highest professional-quality shear you can buy, designed to fit comfortably in the hand while delivering a powerful cut. Made of 100% surgical-grade stainless steel with a striking matte finish, state-of-the-art investment-cast handles, and industrial grade precision ground blades, and made by our master craftsmen at our facility in Sheffield, using techniques and skills developed since 1760.

Featuring our signature ‘bolt’ fixing, they allow for a speedy and smooth ‘pick up’ and ‘put down’ motion – as well as adding an eye-catching styling cue. Approved by ultra-bespoke Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE of Maurice Sedwell, and are now used by the Savile Row Academy to train the master tailors of the next generation. Optional personalised laser engraving is available on the back blade.

Embroidery Scissors and Leather Sheath

With our EXO Silver Gift Set, you have your choice of our Gold Embroidery Scissors or our Big Bow Embroidery scissors. Both are 4″ in total length and feature sharp blades and fine points for delicate work.

In addition to embroidery scissors,your choice of a bespoke black or brown leather sheath to help store your EXOs safely whilst also looking equally stylish. Made of vegetable-tanned cowhide shoulder, each sheath is completely handmade by Sheffield craftsmen using traditional techniques, so no two will be quite the same.

您可以購買的最高專業品質的剪刀,其設計旨在舒適地握在手中,同時提供強大的剪切力。 由 100% 手術級不銹鋼製成,具有引人注目的啞光錶面、最先進的熔模鑄造手柄和工業級精密研磨刀片,由我們位於謝菲爾德工廠的工匠大師使用技術和技能製造自1760年開始發展。

它們採用我們標誌性的“螺栓”固定方式,可實現快速、平穩的“拿起”和“放下”動作,並增添了引人注目的造型提示。 獲得莫里斯·塞德威爾 (Maurice Sedwell) 的超定制大師安德魯·拉姆魯普 (Andrew Ramroop) OBE 批准,現在薩維爾街學院 (Savile Row Academy) 使用它來培訓下一代裁縫大師。 背面刀片上可選配個性化激光雕刻。

通過我們的 EXO 禮品套裝,具有鋒利的刀片和精細的刀尖,適合精細的工作。
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