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double gauze - Seventone D 二重紗

double gauze - Seventone D 二重紗

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Unit Information 每單位:
1unit = 50cm X width布幅
2unit =100cmX width布幅
3unit =150cmX width布幅....
Width布幅:106cm (41.5")
Composition 成份:
Cotton :  100% , Linen : 0%,
Weight : 140g/meter
伊藤尚美 Nani Iro fabric
二重紗 花水彩抽象

When I used a bamboo brush, wanting to express swaying grass, the rough strokes reminded me of a musical staff –
Let’s try it as a slur! It looks like it’s flapping in the wind
When I put staccatos, they’re like the dry sound of leaves touching
When I add dots like music notes, they’re like little buds or fruits growing in the ears.
I painted them thinking that the look of grasses is music.
All content ©・ Naomi Ito All Rights Reserverd.

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