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DIY SET Bear Key Chain 所匙扣材料包

DIY SET Bear Key Chain 所匙扣材料包

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■ 尺寸:10.5cm x 5.5cm
■ 材質:合成革
■ 數量:1 個 所匙扣(2 個鈕扣)
■ Size: Approximately 10.5cm x 5.5cm
■ Material: Synthetic leather
■ Quantity: 1Key Chain (2 buttons)
本產品內有日文說明書, 所匙扣, 膠鈕扣
including Japanese description
, Key Chain , 2 buttons
- 1 Quantity is 1set.
- If you need 2set of product or more, Please input the total units.
- 1份是1組,
- 如果購買2組需要拍下2份,如此類推

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