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cotton Linen - GUNSEI fabric 棉麻

cotton Linen - GUNSEI fabric 棉麻

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Unit Information 每單位:
1unit = 50cm X width布幅
2unit =100cmX width布幅
3unit =150cmX width布幅....
Width布幅:106cm (41.5")
Composition 成份:
Cotton :  85% , Linen : 15%,
Weight : 160g/meter
Lightweight cotton Linen
伊藤尚美 棉 水彩抽象
GUNSEI 群生 _ ライトリネンコットン

竹百合的美麗,它們散發出的寧靜和豐富。 想起竹百合在它上面搖曳,隨風輕輕釋放它的香味。 竹百合的美麗,以及其沉默而豐富的本質。

The beauty of bamboo lilies, and their silent and rich nature.

I imagine –
a piece of fabric is made from fiber of plants, taking enormous amount of time
and on it, bamboo lilies are swaying, quietly releasing its fragrance on the wind.

While creating this, I thought of a piece of fabric with such a feeling along our daily lives.
採用輕盈休閒的棉亞麻製成。 原料亞麻其實不需要使用除草劑或化學肥料。 一種堅固的植物,只要有雨和光,即使不澆水也能生長。 所有部份均可使用,不浪費, 它是最永續的天然纖維,對人體和土壤都有益處。

Our thoughts on considering fabrics to be natural materials – nani IRO Textile’s choice

【Cotton Linen】
Flax needs neither herbicide nor synthetic fertilizer to grow.
We offer light and casual cotton-linen and 100% linen that gives an airy, shiny texture.
Linen’s raw material is flax, a strong plant that doesn’t need herbicides or synthetic fertilizers to grow, just rain and sunshine, even if they aren’t watered.
All of its parts can be used without waste and causes no harm to the human body or to the soil – it’s one of the most sustainable materials amongst all natural fibers.
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