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Made in UK
Product specification
Product length 長: 13cm / 5.1in
Length of cut 刀刃長: 7.4cm / 2.9in
Weight 重量: 63g / 2.2oz
Buttonhole Scissors
Our famous Buttonhole scissors are designed to make buttonholes without stretching or damaging the fabric of the garment. Featuring an adjustable screw meaning the buttonholes will always be cut at even lengths, ensuring the perfect finish. This feature also allows for buttonholes to be cut at different lengths depending on the size of button being used.

 They can be laser engraved with initials and will also arrive in our signature Whiteley gift box, making an excellent gift to add to a sewer’s kit.

  我們著名的扣眼剪刀旨在製作扣眼,而不會拉伸或損壞衣服的面料。 採用可調節螺釘,意味著鈕扣孔將始終以均勻的長度切割,確保完美的表面效果。 此功能還允許根據所使用的鈕扣的尺寸將鈕扣孔切割成不同的長度。

  它們可以激光雕刻上姓名首字母,並裝在我們標誌性的 Whiteley 禮品盒中,是添加到下水道工具包中的絕佳禮物。

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