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Tools - Clover Marking Pins 大頭針

Tools - Clover Marking Pins 大頭針

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Clover大頭針 專為不用厚度的布料使用的大頭針
   ●用於薄布料:厚度0.45mm長50mm X6支
   ●常規布料:厚度0.55mm長50mm X8支
   ●厚布料:厚度0.7mm長度55mm X6支

3size : total 20pcs
●For thin fabric: thickness 0.45mm length 50mm X6
●For regular fabric: thickness 0.55mm length 50mm X8
●For thick fabric: thickness 0.7mm length 55mm X6

- 1 Quantity is 1 Box (100pcs).
- If you need 2 box of product or more, Please input the total units.
- 1份是1盒,
- 如果購買2盒需要拍下2份,如此類推
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