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Tool - Metal Bodkin (Elastic Threader) 穿橡筋器

Tool - Metal Bodkin (Elastic Threader) 穿橡筋器

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Made in Japan日本製

  •  Bodkin是一種方便的縫紉配件,就像鑷子一樣,可通過環圈或下擺輕鬆快速地拉出彈性色帶,繩帶,束帶等。
  • 材料:不銹鋼,包裝:2個Bodkin針彈性穿線器自鎖鑷子夾。
  • The bodkin is a handy sewing accessory acts like a tweezer to easily and quickly draw elastic ribbon, cording, drawstring, etc., through a loop or hem. Smooth threading for ribbon and elastic tape.
  • Material: Stainless Steel. Package includes: 2x Bodkin Needle Elastic Threader Self-Locking Tweezer Clip.
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