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Tool | Seam allowance liner 縫份圈

Tool | Seam allowance liner 縫份圈

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1set include 3,5,7,10mm.
The line of Margin to seam can be wrote easily along with the perimeter of a paper pattern and a template. Even curved paper pattern and template as well. To the technique which copies paper patterns, such as applique and Hawaiian quilt, a template, etc.
不論是弧形, 多邊形, 或不規擇圖案都能輕鬆描出所需的縫份.
- 1 Quantity is 1pcs. 
- If you need 2pcs of product or more, Please input the total units.
- 1份是1份, 
- 如果購買2份需要拍下2份,如此類推。請輸入總你需要的數量。

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