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Schmetz - Jeans twin 1 needle 4.0-100

Schmetz - Jeans twin 1 needle 4.0-100

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Size: 4.0/100

Schmetz Jeans Twin 針是一根軸上裝有兩根針的牛仔褲針。 它設計用於使用標準家用縫紉機在超厚機織物、牛仔布或被子上同時縫製兩行。 每根針間隔 4 毫米的距離。

The Schmetz Jeans Twin needle is a Jeans needle with two needles mounted on one shaft. It has been designed for sewing two simultaneous rows on extra thick woven fabrics, denims or quilts using standard home sewing machines. Each needle is separated by a 4mm distance.

- 1 Unit is 1pcs needle. (1份是1支車針)

.縫紉 PFAFF通用車針
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