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Rexcell - Islands C - Nani Iro fabric 人造棉

Rexcell - Islands C - Nani Iro fabric 人造棉

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Unit Information 每單位:
1unit = 50cm X width布幅
2unit =100cmX width布幅
3unit =150cmX width布幅....
Width布幅:106cm (41.5")
Composition 成份:
100% Rexcell
(similar to rayon 觸感與人造絲類似的感覺和懸垂性)
 Weight : 125g/meter
伊藤尚美 幾何水彩抽象

Islands float
Trees sway
Layers of earth expand
As they change,
the Sun shines and shadows cast
since long ago, time flows gracefully
All content ©・ Naomi Ito All Rights Reserverd.

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