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Quilting Liberty - Sun Parasol A

Quilting Liberty - Sun Parasol A

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Size Information:
1unit = 50X114cm
2unit =100X114cm
3unit =150X114cm
4unit =200X114cm........

.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
Fabric Information:
Fabric Type: Lasenby Cotton
Composition: 100% Cotton
Roll Width (finished/usable): 1.14m/1.08m
Weight: 146 g/sqm, 167 g/lm
Care: Cool wash, do not tumble dry
.英國全棉布 Flower 遮陽傘圖案 Flower Riviera
This cheerful and whimsical conversational design was originally printed for Liberty in 1975 – featuring a dense overlapping assortment of parasols, its unique pattern combines elements of nostalgia, retro graphics and swirls of bright colour.
這種歡快而異想天開的設計最初於 1975 年為 Liberty 印刷 - 具有密集重疊的各種遮陽傘,其獨特的圖案結合了懷舊元素、復古圖形和明亮色彩的漩渦。

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