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Quilting Liberty - Sealife E

Quilting Liberty - Sealife E

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Size Information:
1unit = 50X114cm
2unit =100X114cm
3unit =150X114cm
4unit =200X114cm........

.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
Fabric Information:
Fabric Type: Lasenby Cotton
Composition: 100% Cotton
Roll Width (finished/usable): 1.14m/1.08m
Weight: 146 g/sqm, 167 g/lm
Care: Cool wash, do not tumble dry
.英國全棉布 Flower 花圖案 Flower Riviera
Hand painted in the Liberty design studio in 1991 with an echo of graphic-inspired ‘50s patterns, Sealife exudes easy nautical charm. The eclectic pastiche of silhouette flowers, boats, fish, shells, and butterflies almost resembles linocut prints – transporting us into a magical summer seascape.
Sealife 於 1991 年在 Liberty 設計工作室手繪,與 50 年代受圖形啟發的圖案相呼應,散發著輕鬆的航海魅力。 剪影花卉、船、魚、貝殼和蝴蝶的不拘一格的拼貼畫幾乎類似於linocut印花——將我們帶入一個神奇的夏日海景。

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