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Pfaff - Extension Table with Bag (Passport collection)

Pfaff - Extension Table with Bag (Passport collection)

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這款擴展台專為passport™ 系列 設計,擴展台帶有厘米和英寸標尺,因此需要的測量值觸手可及。 隨附一個用於桌子的品牌布包,可將其固定在機器蓋的背面。 堅固的加長桌具有可調節的支腿,可讓您將自由臂轉換為加長的平板床,以輕鬆支撐大型縫紉項目。

Designed for the passport™ collection , this extension table has a printed ruler with both centimeters and inches so needed measurements are close at hand. A branded bag for the table is included, which can be attached to the back of the machine cover. The sturdy extension table has adjustable legs and allows you to convert the free arm to an extended flat bed to easily support large projects. 
  .縫紉擴展台 Sewing Extension Table

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