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Liberty of London (Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric) - Medusa

Liberty of London (Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric) - Medusa

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Fabric Information:
Fabric weight: Very Lightweight Cotton Tana Lawn , Made in Italy
Fabric width: 134cm (53")
Fabric length (per unit ordered): 50cm (0.5 meter)
Composition: 100% Cotton
: 76 g/sqm, 104g/lm
Care: Wash 40°C, line dry
Size Information:
1unit = 50X134cm
2unit =100X134cm
3unit =150X134cm....
.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
.英國布料 花圖案
受到古希臘神話中的美杜莎的啟發,這款迷人的植物佩斯利圖案融合了複雜的海藻狀葉子以及夢幻般的花朵和層疊的葉子。 這種重新設計以 20 世紀 70 年代創作的 Liberty 家具面料為藍本,將動植物的神秘混合物帶入了生活。 仔細觀察,您會發現美杜莎傳奇般的蛇狀頭髮在翠綠的叢林中蜿蜒盤旋的痕跡。 美杜莎是我們 2023 年秋冬系列地球故事的一部分 - 向地球的恩惠致敬,這些設計讓我們沉浸在自然世界的迷人細節中。
Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Medusa, this mesmerising botanical paisley incorporates intricate seaweed-like foliage alongside fantastical flowers and cascading fronds. Drawn from a Liberty furnishing fabric created in the 1970s, this reimagining brings to life a mysterious concoction of flora and fauna. Look closely to discover trails of Medusa’s legendary snake-like hair, writhing through the verdant jungle. Medusa is part of the Earth story of our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection - a tribute to the earth’s bounty, these designs immerse us in the captivating details of the natural world.

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