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Liberty of London (Cotton Poplin Fabric) - Cyclopes Black

Liberty of London (Cotton Poplin Fabric) - Cyclopes Black

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Quantity Size Information:
1unit = 50X146cm
2unit =100X146cm
3unit =150X146cm....
.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
Fabric Information:
Weight: Lightweight Cotton
Piccadilly Poplin, Made in Italy
width: 1.42m/1.46m (56")
Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight: 110 g/sqm, 161 g/lm
Care: Wash 40°C, line dry
.英國府綢布料 巨人圖案
這幅抽象的印刷品講述了獨眼巨人的故事,獨眼巨人是希臘神話中神一般的獨眼巨人- Liberty 設計師受到Joan Miró超現實主義藝術作品的啟發,對這個故事進行了富有想像力的新詮釋。 視覺圖案由連接線性曲線和點組成,看起來就像是超凡脫俗的星座的一部分。
This abstract conversational print tells the story of the Cyclopes, the godlike one-eyed giants of Greek mythology – the Liberty designers were inspired by the surrealist artworks of Joan Miró to create this imaginative new interpretation of the story. Ocular motifs are formed from connecting linear curves and dots, appearing as if part of otherworldly constellations of stars.

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