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JoliFleur - cotton linen - ToiToiToi Black

JoliFleur - cotton linen - ToiToiToi Black

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Toi-toi-toi 是一種德國咒語,可以消除煩惱並使頭腦平靜。
以來自世界各地的幸福咒語為主題的拼布式設計,如“出生的絲帶”、“茶算命”、“密碼”和“花的寓言”。 這種圖案充滿了精緻的印花俏皮感。
Unit Information 每單位:
1unit = 50cm X width布幅
2unit =100cmX width布幅
3unit =150cmX width布幅....
Width布幅:110cm (43")
Composition 成份:
Cotton :  70% , Linen : 30%,
Weight : 200g/meter
Lightweight cotton. Made in Japan
JoliFleur cat 貓
Toi-toi-toi is a German spell that keeps worries away and calms the mind.

A patchwork-style design with the theme of happiness spells from around the world, such as "Ribbon of birth", "Tea fortune-telling", "Password" and "Fable of flowers". This pattern is full of playfulness with delicate prints.

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