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Coats Polyester Sewing Thread 1000Yds Basic Set 車縫線套裝

Coats Polyester Sewing Thread 1000Yds Basic Set 車縫線套裝

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Coats Industrial Thread 1000yds spool (24colour)
Machine-safe sewing thread for all apparel and textile seams. An excellent strong sewing thread.

- Fine cross-section for particularly smooth seams
- Completely dust and lint-free
- Higher productivity by reducing cleaning intervals
- Fully suitable for automatic sewing machines
- Appropriate as edge stitch thread on COMPLETT/AMF sewing machines
- Extremely rub and abrasion resistantMaterial:- 100% polyester
Needle size: NM 70-90 / 11-14

Coats 工業螺紋1000碼線軸 (24色)
適用於所有服裝和紡織品接縫的機器安全縫紉線。 出色的強力縫紉線。
-適合在COMPLETT / AMF縫紉機上縫邊線
推薦針頭尺寸:NM 70-90 / 11-14

Coats 200多年來,一直是永不停息的開拓者,持續創造著可以滿足客戶不斷變化的需求的增值產品和解決方案。
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