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2.5mm Cord Sewing Elastic橡筋

2.5mm Cord Sewing Elastic橡筋

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Size: 2.5mm Cord Elastic (圓柱形橡筋) 適用於頭髮橡筋
Elastic 55% Polyester 45%
Made in UK

1unit = 1meter米...
2unit = 2meter米...
3unit = 3meter米...
.If you need 1 meter of fabric or more, please input the total units
.it will be cut in one continuous piece.
Material: This waistband elastic band is made of Polyester and Natural Latex Rubber, durable and practical, with strong elasticity and flexibility, a good choice for your sewing and knitting.

  • Wide Usage:Swimwear, underwear, pants, baby clothes, sports wear, T-shirt, hat, socks , DIY projects and so on,or you can also use it to change the size of clothes.

  • 橡筋

    - 1 Quantity is 1pcs.
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    - 1份是1件,
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