Prym Pin magnet cat Tool 貓頭大頭針磁石

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It is not only cat-lovers who will love this pretty asset for the sewing workplace. The practical pin magnet can be attached directly to the sewing machine or on any other smooth, dust-free surface by means of the suction cup. A small loop lets you to remove its sturdy, transparent silicone suction cup with ease. The smooth, brushed stainless steel surface of the pin magnet gives you plenty of space for quick access to all your sewing needles and pins when you are sewing, embroidering or doing patchwork.
不僅愛貓人士會喜歡這款縫紉工作場所的漂亮配件。 實用的針式磁鐵可以通過吸盤直接連接到縫紉機或任何其他光滑、無塵的表面。 一個小環可讓您輕鬆取下堅固、透明的矽膠吸盤。 針式磁鐵光滑的拉絲不銹鋼表面為您提供充足的空間,以便在縫紉、繡花或拼縫時快速接觸所有縫紉針和針。

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