Pfaff - SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 160s

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原廠一年自攜保養 .

無論您是時尚還是家庭縫紉,這台縫紉機都能滿足您的需求。 來一起專注你每一個冒險,獨特,熱情的縫紉作品

  • 自動扣眼 - 扣住扣眼腳,然後縫製可重複的扣眼。
  • 靈活撥盤 - 每個撥盤都會顯示針跡和數字,以使您在進行選擇時更加快速,簡單和清晰。
  • 壓腳 - 要更換壓腳,無需螺絲刀或其他工具。
  • 可調針位置-在進行明線縫製,縫製拉鍊或特殊技巧(例如滾邊)時,可以精確地放置直針
  •  內置LED燈 - 高亮且節能,讓你在縫紉時能輕鬆看清每一處細節。


  • Integrated Needle ThreaderThe integrated needle threader makes threading the needle a breeze. No frustration, just hold the thread, pull a lever and it’s done.
  • 6mm adjustable stitch widthAdjust the width of the stitches to fit your needs. Great for topstitching or other accurate stitching where the stitch position needs to be adjusted.
  • PFAFF® Original Presser Foot SystemThe possibility to use PFAFF® original presser feet give access to many optional presser feet letting you explore and evolve your sewing skills.
  • LED LightThe LED light ensures a long lasting light source. It lights the sewing surface with a bright and crisp light.
  • Hard CoverThe SMARTER BY PFAFF™ machine is so stunning you’ll want it on display, but for transport and storage a hard cover is great to protect your new favorite purchase.


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