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是一種易於使用的現代包縫機,具有許多實用功能,包括15針,可調針距,內置捲邊,用於縫製袖子和褲腳的自由臂,電子速度控制等等 。

  • 差動調節 - 以實現完美均勻的接縫,接縫不會拉伸或細布起皺。 
  • 針跡長度,裁切寬度和壓腳壓力可調 - 為不同的面料和技術選擇最佳設置。    
  • 加高的壓腳高度 - 可以放幾層或厚布料的空間。    
  • 廢布袋 - 切布時碎布會送到織物袋。    
  • 安全鎖定 - 前蓋打開時,機器將不會縫製。

The hobbylock™ 2.0 overlock machine is a modern overlock that is easy to use and has many practical features, including 15 stitches, adjustable stitch length, builtin rolled edge, free-arm for sewing sleeves and pant legs, electronic speed control, and much more.

  • Differential feed - Adjustable for perfectly even seams, no stretching of the seam or puckering of fine fabrics.

  • Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure - Choose optimal settings for different fabrics and techniques.

  • Extra presser foot height - Room for several layers or heavy fabrics.

  • Waste tray - Catches fabric trimmings.

  • Safety lockout - When the front cover is open the machine will not sew.

.縫紉機 Sewing Machines

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