Moisture-absorbing warming Batting 吸濕發熱棉襯

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This batting is made out of a warming and moisture-absorbing high tech fiber.
It is able to control temperature and humidity and also has a very pleasant feel to it.
■Size/width 125cm x length 1m
■Material/polyester 100%
這種棉襯由保暖和吸濕的高科技纖維製成。吸收身體散發出的水分,並同時抱持溫暖的熱度。 保暖舒適的功效。 較一般棉襯高出3.5倍的吸濕力。
■ 尺寸/寬125cm x 長1m
■ 材料 / 聚酯 100%
- If you need 1meter or more, Please input the total units.
- 如果購買1米需要拍下2份,如此類推。請輸入總你需要的數量。
interfacing Quilt Batting 接着芯 布樸 日本棉襯

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