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Liberty of London (Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric) - Ralston

Liberty of London (Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric) - Ralston

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Fabric Information:
Fabric weight: Very Lightweight Cotton Tana Lawn , Made in Italy
Fabric width: 134cm (53")
Fabric length (per unit ordered): 50cm (0.5 meter)
Composition: 100% Cotton
: 76 g/sqm, 104g/lm
Care: Wash 40°C, line dry
Size Information:
1unit = 50X134cm
2unit =100X134cm
3unit =150X134cm....
.order 2unit of fabric or more, we will send you the fabric in one piece.
In a nod to the sun god Helios, Ralston depicts billowing clouds warmed by golden sunbeams, stretching outwards into the vastness of the skies to illuminate the horizon. Inspired by a paper impression discovered in the Liberty archive, these imaginary panoramas are observed by birds in flight, all bathed in the dazzling light of dawn.
為了向太陽神赫利俄斯致敬,羅爾斯頓描繪了被金色陽光溫暖的滾滾雲朵,向外延伸到廣闊的天空,照亮了地平線。 受到自由檔案館中發現的紙質印象的啟發,這些想像中的全景圖是由飛行中的鳥類觀察到的,所有這些都沐浴在耀眼的黎明光線中。

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